SoilForm Nano-Technologies

Soilform Nano Technologies was formed for the purpose of informing the Road Construction and Repair Industry of an alternative to the current methods used for road construction and repair. We currently have offices in Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa.

We recognized that our NANO-TECHNOLOGY Soil Stabilizer product, GE-NANO, had a great potential to assist in the ongoing upgrade of the road infrastructure in South Africa as well as the construction and development of new roads, with that in mind we wanted to let the road construction industry know about this alternative method that could save them construction time and cut down on their construction costs.

Therefore making it of benefit to them and the road user.

GE-NANO is a 100% South African developed nano soil stabilizer. Through aggresive Research & Development, applicable bitumen based formulation and superior products have been designed specifically for the Roads Industry.

As our products are manufactured and tested in our South African factory and laboratory, it is produced in quantities required to suit the size and soil type of an individual project. Whether the road is one kilometer or one hundred kilometers in length, there is no delay in supply.

By using GE-NANO, you will be able to achieve a solid and stable foundation for your road just by using the soil that is already on site. We are proud of our product and we know that you will be too once you use it for yourself.

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