Road Construction Products

GE-NANO product

Nano Modified Emulsion (NME) for pavement construction and refurbishment. Our nano-technology product provides a solid sub-base for your pavement.

NANO-SIL product

Extend the life of pavements with our nano-technology based pavement seal. Nano-Sil greatly reduces water permeability, while remaining breathable.

NANO-PRIME product

Nano-Prime acts as a water proofing agent for pavement bases, penetrating up to 8mm into the pavement base. The result is an excellent bond between surface and base.

NANO-TAK product

Nano-Tak sprays on easily and dries quickly, to leave you with a highly water resistent surface. Nano-Tak provides good penetration to help seal micro-cracks making the base less permeable.

NANO-BOND product

A nano-polymer used to increase the compressive and tensile strength of pavement bases and to reduce their water permeability. Nano-Bond is often used as a cement replacement in base stabilisation.